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Boyfriend Amazes Fans With Japanese Debut Press Conference


Boyfriend finally held their Japanese debut press conference on May 28th which enlighten fans, as it took place on a luxury cruise along with official staffs of Starship Entertainment, 120 media outlets and 250 reporters. The respond of the press conference over in Japan was explosive. Read on more for more pics!



They will be making their official debut in Japan with their premium showcase, ‘First Date with Boyfriend in Japan‘, at the Budokan on June 30th. It was a rare case in the Kpop industry that a rookie group who just debuted in Korea 12 months back and who hasn't debut officially yet in Japan to hold a concert at the magnificent Budokan venue.


Boyfriend's press conference was a success and this was proven when they made headlines on various Japanese press on the following day. Their official Japanese website was also updated with photos of them at the press conference and also behind-the-scene photos.

Members of Boyfriend happily stated, “It’s an honor to be able to perform at the Budokan. 
We’ll work to show the best possible image.”

Yesterday, Starship Entertainment launched a live stream broadcast of Boyfriend's Japanese press conference and interview via Youtube. Many of their fans were online, waiting eagerly for the countdown of the press conference footage in Japan to kick off. Be sure to check out BOYFRIEND Official YouTube Channel for more videos and live streams!


Live stream photos from YouTube

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