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Trio Wins VIP Trip to UEFA Champions League Final Viewing Party in Ibiza

Heneiken Final Winners with Hosts Henry Golding & Julie Woon

With a combination of intelligence, imagination and inventiveness, three Malaysians won themselves an all-expense paid trip to Ibiza, Spain to watch the screening of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final on May 25.

Yeoh Keng Meng, Lim Sze Hue and Joel Hoshea Munjan emerged as winners after competing against 30 other contenders in Heineken’s ‘Kick-off to Ibiza’ finale challenge held at Mines Wellness Hotel recently. They will be joining 200 Heineken fans from around the world in an ultra-luxurious VIP experience at the UCL Final viewing event in Ibiza, Spain - which will see the best of football and music culminating in one spectacular event.
“Staying true to Heineken’s continuous commitment to reward our fans with amazing consumer experiences, the Heineken Ibiza Final campaign is an opportunity for our fans to enjoy football greatest finals while soaking up the electric atmosphere of Heineken in Ibiza,” said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad.

Bruce added, “We know our fans are intelligent, quick witted and worldly people and are gamed for a challenge every now and then, so we’ve worked hard to craft a campaign that we hope they will enjoy being part of.”

Early this month, Heineken announced that the Heineken Ibiza Final tickets were hidden in a secret location somewhere in Klang Valley. The campaign saw thousands of football fans collaborated via activities on Facebook and Twitter to be one step closer to finding out where the tickets are.

30 finalists were then narrowed down to compete for the coveted prize in Heineken’s ‘Kick-Off to Ibiza’ finale challenge that put their wits and football knowledge to the test.

Celebrating Like Champions

“It’s going to be an amazing experience now that I can cross Ibiza off my list while watching the UCL final and celebrating in style on this party island,” enthused Lim Sze Hue, who is an ardent fan of Bayern Munich.

Joel Munjan, who is still in shock after being announced the winner, raved “The UCL Final is surely one of the highlights of the year for football fans worldwide, but the chance to enjoy it in the world’s party capital definitely heightens the excitement of game.”

“I’m a huge fan of Heineken and UCL and to be able to enjoy both of them in Ibiza – that’s simply unbelievable!” resonated football aficionado and avid partygoer Yeoh Keng Meng.

Heineken Ibiza Final campaign marks the seventh consecutive year-long partnership between the world’s most prestigious club football tournament, the UEFA Champions League, and the world’s most international beer brand, Heineken.

Kick off to Ibiza Finale Challenge The challenge held at Mines Wellness Hotel signalled the climax of the campaign and was nothing short of thrilling. The challenge saw the 30 finalists getting down on all fours and setting off on a wild treasure hunt to uncover the hidden of the Heineken Ibiza Final tickets.

Hosts - Henry Golding & Julie Woon

The infectious energy and banter between the charismatic TV personality Henry Golding joined by the radiant Julie Woon, masters of ceremony for the day, added to the excitement in the atmosphere. Supporters of the participants enthusiastically cheered their friends on who did not leave any stones unturned in their attempt to unearth six authentic Heineken Ibiza Final tickets that were hidden along with 100 other decoy tickets.

Anxiety and excitement filled the air during the Q&A session where six finalists who successfully uncovered the authentic tickets were then pitted against each other to test their football knowledge.

It was a battle that had everyone waiting with bated breath and Yeoh Keng Meng, Lim Sze Hue and Joel Hoshea Munjan who clinched the highest score during the final round emerged as the ultimate winners of the Heineken Ibiza Final contest.

With the top three winners announced, the evening ended with a celebration overlooking the Mines Resort’s lake. Guests soaked in the Ibiza-like atmosphere as DJ Blastique & Phil K Lee performed on the DJ console that resembles the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Heineken Ibiza Final The island off the Mediterranean Sea is an authority at throwing parties with its Rave on Waves boat parties and eminent sunrise dance floors that can pack more than 5,000 people while the light floods in at sunrise; living up to and exceeding its reputation as the party hub of the world.

Pacha, Ibiza

It is also home to some of the most popular nightclubs in the world such as Amnesia – the most talked about club in Europe that is also the hardest to get into – and Pacha – an uber-chic international nightclub franchise with its headquarters in Ibiza, Spain boasting the world’s first bespoke custom-designed sound system engineered by electronic dance music’s (EDM) most innovative professional audio company.

Birthplace of the rave and invigorating the insurgence of EDM, the glamorous tourism destination exudes pure magnetism that attracts an illustrious resume of celebrities such as Avicii, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Beyonce & Jay Z who regularly frequent the island.

Next month, Keng Meng, Sze Hue and Joel will set sail for the Heineken Ibiza Final and will experience the best of football and music in the world’s party and nightlife capital – Ibiza, Spain.

Follow their exciting journey at Heineken’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/heineken).


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