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TVXQ! Wows Malaysian Fans At Their LIVE World Tour 'Catch Me'


TVXQ! returns bigger, better and stronger with a brand new spankin' attitude that simply exudes confidence as they performed for Malaysian fans recently at their Live World Tour 'Catch Me' in Kuala Lumpur 2013. After an incredibly long wait of six years since the group's last concert in Malaysia back in 2007,  Malaysian Cassiopeia's (TVXQ! official fanclub) finally got their wished fulfilled when the duo took stage in our motherland for a-three-hour-energetic-heart-thumping-performance!

The hot duo belted out their latest releases such as 'Catch Me', 'Humanoids', and also, hit songs namely 'Rising Sun,', 'Mirotic', 'O- Jung Ban Hap' and  'Why!'.

At the concert, member Max Chang Min sincerely expressed his apology for taking such a long time to come back to Malaysia to hold their concert.

"I'm sorry for keeping all of you to wait this long," said Chang Min who took some time off to talk to the fans during the intermission of the gig.

On the other hand, member U Know Yun Ho added that Malaysian fans have left a strong impression to them since they were the first K-POP group to stage a concert in Malaysia and had marked the start of Hallyu Wave in the country ever since.

Apart from that, the boys also promised their fans that they shall return for their next concert in town.

      SET LIST
  1. Rising Sun
  2. Getaway + Why Intro
  3. Hey! Don't Bring Me Down
  4. + 'O'- Jung Ban Hap
  5. Like A Soap
  6. How Are You
  7. Journey
  8. Honey Funny Bunny
  9. Wrong Number
  10. I Don't Know ( Korean Ver.)
  11. Humanoids
  12. Purple Line
  13. Before U Go
  14. Destiny
  15. Memories + I Never Let Go
  16. Always There + Like Now
  17. I Wanna Hold You
  18. Here I Stand
  19. Dream
  20. Catch Me
  21. Intro + B.U.T ( Korean Ver.)
  22. Why
  23. Unforgettable

  24. ENCORE

  25. Mirotic
  26. Hi Ya Ya (Summer Days)
  27. Summer Dream + Sky
  28. I'll Be There
  29. Outro and ment ( BG: I Swear)


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