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Kilkenny’s Premier Event Takes Guests on a Journey of Discovery & Apreciation of Fine Ale

Kilkenny®, Ireland’s premium Ale is renowned for its authenticity and classy yet understated qualities. This inclination was certainly reflected in its first and exclusive event on 19 July 2013 at The Bee, Publika themed “Experience the World of Kilkenny”. Guests were taken on a journey of all things Kilkenny®, from its 300 years of heritage, attention to brewing perfection and the artistry that makes even the savviest of beer connoisseurs appreciate every sip of this fine Irish ale.

Chew Lee Min, Marketing Manager of GAB said: "Brands that have endured centuries have enduring value. You will find that Consumers are loyal to tried-and-tested brands that have remained constant and aren't fleeting or going to disappear when hard times come. Kilkenny® is one of those brands. It is one of Ireland's oldest brands and it wears that heritage proudly".

The highlight of the night was a special performance by Loong Bee, a renowned sand artist and story teller, who showcased the Kilkenny® brand in a way like never before. With his artistic strokes, graceful hand movements and only using sand as his tool, Loong Bee brought guests through the journey of Kilkenny® and mesmerized the crowd.

Also a crowd gripping feature of the night was the Masterclass experience which showcased what makes Kilkenny the crème de la crème in the world of Ale’s; from the different taste notes that you savour in every pint, to the rituals and art behind every perfectly poured pint of Kilkenny®. To top it off, guests were treated to a sumptuous array of food, carefully prepared to complement this fine Irish ale.

300 Years of Brewing Legacy 
Kilkenny® is exceptional Irish ale brewed by monks using natural ingredients and water from the St Francis Well. This fine Ale is older than even some countries, with a brewing heritage dating back to the 14th century in Ireland’s oldest operating brewery, St Francis Abbey.

Perfection in every Sip 
Kilkenny’s full bodied flavour and unparalleled taste combine with the nitrogenated creaminess and surge to produce an indulgent experience in every sip. What sets it apart from others is that its nitrogenated, whereas most brews are commonly carbonated. This nitrogenation ensures Kilkenny’s distinctive features – the velvety smooth, creamy head and its amber red colour. These features come about while being brewed from 100% Irish malt which is mildly baked in the brewing process. 300 years later, the crème de la crème of Irish Ales has become one of Ireland’s most internationally successful brews, and now winning the hearts of local Malaysians. For more information on Kilkenny® please visit www.facebook.com/kilkenny.my.


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