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Tiger Translate Roars into Malaysia!

Tiger Translate, a platform by Tiger Beer which celebrates global creativity through the exposure to different cultures and experiences is finally coming to Malaysia this June 14! Tiger Translate has grown over the years in different countries to showcase artistic collaborations spanning the areas of music, design and art, photography and more.

Tai See Wai (Marketing Manager, Tiger Beer) and Bruce Dallas (Marketing Director, GAB) at the Translate Art Bar
Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director for Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) said, “Being the world’s No.1 international Asian beer, Tiger Beer has always placed great emphasis on cultivating good relationships with our hip, young and energetic consumers. In the last decade, Asia has risen to be the frontrunner in arts and music with the emergence of various artists who are constantly pushing the envelope of creativity. Hence, following the global success under the Translate badge, we feel that the time has come to bring Tiger Translate to Malaysians.”

Tiger Translate Malaysia will be rocking the stage at Kenanga City on June 14, bringing together musicians and artists to one showground. Local indie music enthusiasts are all in for a treat as they’ll be rocking the night to four amazing acts from both the local and international music scene featuring Editors from the UK, Chochukmo (Hong Kong), Manic Sheep (Taiwan) and local musician OJ Law.

On the art front, the event will also see artistic collaboration between three homegrown artists – Graffiti Artist - Kenji Chai, Tattooist - Lynda Chean and Graphic Designers – Kickatomic’s Tsu Ann and Jayme in front of a live crowd. At present, Tiger Beer is working with these renowned artists to bring arts closer to its consumers. The artists have been commissioned to design limited edition Tiger Translate beer bottle sleeves which will also be showcased at the Tiger Translate event.

Tiger Translate is a multi-sensory fusion of arts and music which allows unconventional collaborations of arts, music and performances, in one event. From staging a music showcase against a LIVE mural painting on Hoa Lo, Hanoi, the street where the infamous ‘Hanoi Hilton’ prison is located to transforming a car park into a living art gallery showcasing both street art and music for more than 1700 attendees in Dubai, to a six-day Street Graffiti party in Ulaanbaatar, Tiger Translate has been making waves in an extensive creative journey where music and art intersect.

This flagship event has also brought the best of Malaysia abroad. In 2007, Graphic Illustrator – Kuanth and Mix-Media Artist - Stephen Lau from Malaysia collaborated with a Singaporean photographer for Tiger Translate in New York to create an interactive art piece based on the theme ‘Merge’.

Tiger Translate has traveled through cities such as Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Mongolia, Cambodia, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Dublin and Auckland, where it all started a few years ago. For more on Tiger Translate and its past events, please visit www.tigertranslate.com.my


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