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Welcome to Elosoul Online. You'll be probably wondering and scratching your head about ELOSOUL. Fret not, we'll tell you everything about ELOSOUL! Our goal is: to feed you hungry people for the latest news from K-Pop, Fashion, and Events that are happening in Malaysia.

We mainly blog about Korea as we are huge kpop (korean pop) fans or shall we just say, We're in love with Korea! Elosoul is being derived from two words which are; "Hello + Soul". Cliche or lame as it sounds but the meaning is undeniably defenceless to be planted in our heads. Lastly, Elosoul wouldn't be complete without your love and support! So, we do hope that you'll support us by visiting our blog regularly and do leave comments or opinions on what you think about the blog.

Kamsahamnida! xoxo, Elosoul.


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